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The Attributes Area for content consists of five tabs:




Publishing, Images, Parameters, Meta Info and Link to Menu.

Publishing Info

Show on Frontpage: Check the box if you want this content to be assigned to the FrontPage Component.

Published: Check the box to let the item show on your site.

Access Level: Choose who will be able to view this content. Public, registered or special.

Author Alias: You can publish the author’s name for a piece of content. You can choose a Registered user as displayed through the dropdown or type any name there (an author that does not have an account or content created by many authors as a group).

Change Creator: This allows you to assign ownership of this content to another registered user.

Ordering: Select the order in which this content is listed relative to others in this Category. The choices available in the dropdown will show once changes to the item are saved or applied.

Override Created Date: This shows the created date for the content. You can change the date if necessary.

Start Publishing: Select the date when this document is to be published on the web site.

Finish Publishing: If desired, you can set the date when your content is to be expired.

Content ID: This is the ID of the content in the database.

State: This shows the current state of the document. It is not editable.

Hits: This gives the number of times this content was viewed. The Reset Hits Value button allows you to reset the counter to zero.

Revised: This shows the number of edits this content has undergone.

Created: This is the date this content item was created.

By: This is the name of the user that created the content item.

Last Modified: This is the date when this content item was last modified, if ever.

By: This is the name of the user that last modified this content, if ever.


MOSImage Control

Sub-folder: Choose here the sub-folder you want to get the images from. These are in images/stories/.