Information for Development Trust (IDT) is a non-profit organisation supporting journalists and the media to produce investigative content in Zimbabwe and southern Africa.

We are inviting journalists and mentors to apply to take part in a new project focusing on public sector accountability, with particular emphasis on corruption, electoral systems and processes, natural resource governance, external aid, local governance, socio-economic wellness, human rights and democracy.

The project places emphasis on compelling multi-media storytelling approaches and applications from journalists will be assessed, among other things, on the basis of the potential for far-reaching impact.

Young, female and non-Harare journalists as well as those that have participated in our previous projects are encouraged to apply.

Investigative Journalists

Candidates applying for investigative reporting slots must have the following qualifications and attributes:

  1. At least two years’ experience as a journalist in an established newsroom
  2. At least a diploma in Journalism or Media Studies
  3. Proven experience in investigative content production
  4. Demonstrated capacity or potential to produce content using multi-media methods
  5. Accreditation with the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC)
  6. Proven record of honesty, professionalism and hard work
  7. Commitment to gender parity and inclusivity

Selected journalists will go through a participatory two-month training programme to enhance their capacity to produce compelling investigative stories using multi-media content production and storytelling techniques. The training will consist of theory and practical sessions accompanied by assignments mainly in the technical area of multi-media storytelling (video, data reporting and infographics) and election reporting.

Successful candidates are expected to attend all the training seminars and will be selected on the basis of the quality of their story proposals.


Applicants for investigative reporting mentorship must possess the following qualifications and attributes:

  1. At least 5 years’ experience as a senior media manager
  2. Proven experience as a media mentor or trainer
  3. Proven interest in investigative journalism
  4. Interest in multi-media storytelling. Experience in mentoring journalists with emphasis on multi-media methods an added advantage
  5. Proven record of honesty, professionalism and hard work
  6. Commitment to gender parity and inclusivity

Deadline: 24 November 2022

How to Apply

Applications comprising a resume and cover note must be sent to and should clearly be marked “Application: Journalists” or “Application: Mentors” in the subject box, depending on your preferred opportunity.